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Veteran comedian Rich Vos brings his acerbic style to the Planet while Jaye bombs pretty hard.  We talk about his long career and working with his wife, Bonnie MacFarlane on the documentary ‘Women aren’t funny’ now available on NetFlix.




Best known from NBC’s hit reality show “Last Comic Standing,” Rich Vos is one of the most exciting and broadest headlining comedians in the country.  Back Stage Magazine says of Vos, “He has an uncanny ‘Everyman’ ability to likeably bond with anyone in the audience…” The excitement of a Rich Vos show stems from his unique, no-holds-barred perspective on relationships, divorce and parenthood.  Vos pulls no punches when it comes to comedy. On many occasions, he will deliver some of the quickest crowd banter, leaving audiences not knowing what to expect next.

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NYC comic Sam Morril comes to Albany and holds nothing back as he speaks frankly with Jaye about 9/11, comics who lie and somehow, basketball.  Grady is in studio too but doesn’t really bring any excitement at all.  A for effort Grady.

sam morril

Sam Morril, one of the fastest rising comics in New York City and he recently made his Late Night Debut on “Conan” on TBS. You can see Sam regularly on “Red Eye” on Fox News, and he recently taped a stand-up set for Comedy Central on the second season of Adam Devine’s House Party.

Time Out New York says: “Morril’s jokes arise from his humiliations—sure, a lot of comedy does, but he’s especially adept at it.” Come see Sam before you catch swine flu or something. It’s out there!